Antonia Bothner

UCKP Registered Psychotherapist

I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist with a focus on Integrative Transpersonal theories and practise. I create a non-judgmental space to work in, and together we gently unpack what may be going on for you, allowing wounds to surface for healing in an organic way.

Often we find ourselves burst open through events, a loss, a change in job, the end of a relationship or often just the passing of time that calls on us to us to shift our perception, or a feeling that things cannot go on as they are. These events can leave us with a feeling of dissatisfaction, emptiness and depression. Just like we go to a doctor or specialist when our body is in pain, so too would we work to carefully diagnose and apply the right treatment to these wounds so as to heal with tender care, attention and new found awareness. My approach starts with the relationship being the core and foundation.

I have experience working with addiction, trauma, bereavement, depression, abuse and health issues, and I have a history of working in the NHS for many years as part of the IAPT programme.  My style is holistic and I work creatively melding right brain logic and left brain intuition and at the same time bringing in the body. I use modern theories informed by ancient wisdom and use a wide range of tools such as the primary imago (image), metaphor, drawing, and the body to allow a full expression of often complex feelings and innate desires. I work with images, dreams and the body, drawing on the work of Jung, Hillman and Gestalt theories. By gently unpicking the past in the here and now, a new perspective can often arise and from there, a new way forward can be envisioned.

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