What We Do

How does therapy work?

We take pride in working with the whole mental health spectrum. Whether you have a diagnosed illness and you have been referred by a GP, psychiatrist, psychologist or another professional, or whether you have a serious, long-term difficulty that you wish to work on, or whether you simply want to concentrate on self-development, get to know yourself better, and fulfil your potential, therapy is equally effective.

Therapy is multi-dimensional, just as people are. As integrative practitioners, we are engaging, insightful, curious, respectful, and are able to design an individualised treatment programme that will suit your needs, time constraints and pocket. Whether we work with you short-term (6-12 sessions), or whether it is a longer, ongoing type of therapy, we will work to support you, discuss and understand your difficulties, and explore different ways of resolving the things that are taking up space in your mind or causing you distress.

Therapy is very much a dialogue between client and therapist. It’s one where you can explore your thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences within the context of a non-judgemental, confidential, professional and collaborative relationship. The focus is to work on your current difficulties against a background of both your current environment, and the way in which your life and ways of thinking have been shaped by your previous experiences – from childhood through to adulthood – as these serve as a blueprint for how you live your day to day live. Our previous relationships also shape the way we interact with people on a daily basis, and will inform how we learn to make and maintain all kinds of relationships – those with friends, colleagues and family. Through therapy, you will see patterns of behaviour and thinking emerge, and you will gain insight and understanding as to how those came about. From there, we work collaboratively to bring about self-awareness, alleviation of the things that have been dominating your thinking and behaviour, resolution, change, and encourage new, stronger coping strategies and more insightful and constructive ways of living your life.

How long does therapy take?

This differs for each person, and depends what the presenting issues may be. We are equally able to work with short-term clients (6-12 sessions) or with long-term, open-ended work. We can provide you with a variety of approaches, ranging from the more traditional psychodynamic psychotherapy through solution-focused work (using a blend of therapy and coaching techniques), the popular Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and more.

Each session lasts for 50 minutes and are generally once weekly, although twice weekly therapy is an option if agreed by the therapist and the client.


We are offering blocks of short- and medium-term therapy exclusively online: please contact the clinic for details.