Psychotherapy & Counselling In Central London

Isn’t it odd that the things we think about the most are the ones we seldom talk about?

We are built to communicate with others, and we generally do so on a day-to-day basis. Now, with email, SMS, numerous apps on our smartphones – as well as good old-fashioned phone-calls and catching up for a chat, communication has never been easier. So why is it that we’re unable to talk about some of the more difficult, uncomfortable – or frankly all-consuming, terrifying and inexplicable – things that are going on in our heads?

Mental health is finally getting the attention it needs in the press – it’s good to talk, to share, to communicate, to express our feelings. But we know that sometimes, with some things, talking with friends or family isn’t an option, or isn’t quite enough. What happens when you don’t quite know where to turn?

This is where therapy can help. Therapy isn’t just something that is confined to the realms of the psychiatric any more: it’s evolved a great deal, and there are now many effective approaches to dealing with whatever difficulties you may experience. So isn’t it about time that your mental health became as important as your physical health, and that seeing a therapist was as acceptable as seeing a personal trainer, or getting some coaching, or seeing your GP for a physical complaint?

Mental health is a very broad spectrum, and here at Beverley Blackman Associates, our experienced and highly recommended practitioners work with the whole of it, from personal issues to mental health diagnoses. So no matter what is happening (or not happening) in your life, we can provide the right level of support for you, and help bring about the changes you need to move on with your life.


We are offering blocks of short- and medium-term therapy exclusively online: please contact the clinic for details.